u brought light into my life
and chased away all the darkness

Hi, I'm Karola
Tv series, fictional characters, ships, books, music, chocolate, fashion = My life in a nutshell :)

Regina Mills is my hero. #TeamRegina

Outlaw Queen - Otp Soul Mates and True Love Madly in Love

Lana, Angie, Meryl and Mary are my role models♥
Lana Parrilla on Miami Medical


Sharing this only because of Sean’s comment about the cut line about Regina’s ass and the already incorrect assumptions about it. I’m actually thankful that it was cut because I feel like it was inconsistent with the more respectful character they created for Robin, but it’s amusing all the same.


DragonCon 2014 Once Upon A Time panel
Saturday, 30 August 2014



How could THEY? :p 

Well, tbf, it isn’t as if we didn’t know that’s what he meant all along!

"this angle" ;)



Only you can shape your d e s t i n y


OUaT Writers do the Ice Bucket Challenge

The Apple bucket challenge Lol



“We almost were. We almost happened.”

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